Standard potability water testing, FHA testing & V.O.C. testing

Imperial Inspection Services will perform well water testing using Analytical Balance as the testing lab.

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Well water testing is part of Massachusetts law

Founded in 1995, but ran before that for more than 30 years, Analytical Balance Corp. is a laboratory engaged in environmental and microbiological testing. This work is conducted in accordance with the specific statutory requirements of the Safe Drinking Water Act, Massachusetts Division of Water Supply, Mass.

Well water testing is taken seriously

Department of Environmental Protection, Mass. Dept. of Public Health, Mass. Contingency Plan, local Boards of Health, etc. Analytical Balance Corp. is deeply committed to a detailed program of quality assurance and quality control.  The quality of a laboratory's product - it's data - is the most important element in the operation of a laboratory.

How accurate is well water testing?

The quality control aspects of the laboratory's operations assist in determining if the individual analysis has been conducted with adequate precision and accuracy, while quality assurance helps to confirm that all the quality control objectives have been met. Analytical Balance is dedicated to the presentation of only high quality, defensible data.  

How is accuracy determined?

This is accomplished through a continuous program of analysis of additional samples such as multiple standards, laboratory fortified samples, reagent and dilution water blanks and analysis of duplicates (where applicable).  

In addition, this involves the continuing maintenance and calibration of instruments used in the analyses.

The acceptable analytical results from these quality control samples are one mechanism to confirm that the results being reported to clients have both a high degree of precision and accuracy.

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